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A dental bridge, commonly called a fixed partial denture, is a dental treatment used to replace missing teeth. This restoration helps correct any issues related to eating and speaking caused by missing teeth. Dental bridges typically comprise two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and one or more false teeth in between them. Come to Sunray Family Dentistry for your dental bridge in Socorro, TX. 

What are Dental Bridges Made From?

Typically, dental bridges are made from porcelain or metal fused with a resin material that makes them look like real teeth. Porcelain bridges look more natural and can better mimic the color of existing teeth, making them less noticeable. In some cases, a bridge can be made from zirconia which is incredibly strong and durable. 

Patients who choose dental bridges can visit their local family dentist at Sunray Family Dentistry in Socorro, TX, twice — once for preparation and once to receive the permanent bridge. On the day of preparation, Dr. Alejandro Alonso will reshape the abutment teeth to support the new restoration and take impressions that we will send to a laboratory where technicians will create your custom-made bridge with precision and accuracy. 

At the second appointment, Dr. Alonso will check the fit of your bridge and make any necessary adjustments before permanently cementing it into place — meaning you’ll leave with a beautiful smile! Regular dental cleanings are essential to maintain proper oral hygiene after having a bridge placed since food particles can easily become trapped in between them due to their design. 

There are three main types of dental bridges used today: traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, and Maryland bonded/resin-bonded bridges (also known as adhesive bridges). Let’s take a closer look at these, so you know what kind of options are available for you when considering this restorative procedure: 

Socorro Dental Bridges

No matter what type of dental bridge you decide works best for you, Sunray Family Dentistry, under Dr. Alejandro Alonso’s care, has all the information available necessary so that you can make well-informed decisions about your smile!

So if you need a dental bridge in Socorro, Texas, look no further than Sunray Family Dentistry. Our expert team will work with you to get the best possible bridge. Call today to set up an appointment or schedule online.

We look forward to seeing you.